Setting up your organization

How to get your company started with
This page describes how company administrators set up for your company. If your company already uses, you may wish to see signing in for the first time.

Creating your Account

To get started, head to

Deciding how to sign in

To set up your account, needs to know how you’d like to sign in.

  • If you use Google or Microsoft 365 as your email service, choose that option. You’ll see a popup window asking for permission to use your account to sign in to
  • You you use something else for email, then pick Email magic links, and we’ll send you an email when it’s time to sign in.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide basic demographic information about your company. Click through the fine print, and your account is ready to use.

Connecting Apps

Next, connect your apps to

  1. Click Apps > New Application and choose the application you to connect.
  1. The connection steps vary depending on which app you’ve chosen. For many apps, you’ll see a Connect button.
  1. When you click the button, a new window will popup asking you to log in and give permission to manage accounts in the app.

Once you’ve completed the process, the popup will disappear and the account will show as connected.

  1. In background, will scan the app to find accounts. You will see accounts start to appear in the Accounts tab.
  1. is now connected to your app. Repeat this process for each app you want to manage.
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