How to sign in with

How to sign in for the first time

Signing in for the First Time

To get started with, go to the sign in URL that your computer person gave you. In this example, it will be something like or If you don’t know your sign in URL, go to and press the Login button and enter your email address.

Type your email address:

New Around Here

Setting up Your Mobile Phone

The next step is to set up your mobile phone.

New Around Here

To continue, install the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

When the app launches, point the camera at the setup code. Confirm the information that appears on your phone.

Scanning a Setup Code

Confirming Mobile Setup

Mobile Setup Finished

Signin in to your Apps

Next you’ll see all the apps that are connected to To use an app, click on it’s logo.

Ways to Sign In

There are many ways to sign in using For convenience, you may want to set up additional methods.


To add a method, click the key icon, then choose Add A Way To Signin.

You can choose from among several different ways to sign in:


A PIN is a short, easy to remember number that helps us confirm it is really you at your computer. Usually you’ll use your PIN in combination with other methods such as a security key.

Rotating Codes

With rotating codes, you type 6-digit codes that change every half minute. Codes come from a mobile app (e.g. Google Authenticator) or a program on your computer.

Security Key

A security key is a small physical device used for signing in. It plugs into your computer’s USB port. You can use a variety of inexpensive devices that are labeled as supporting FIDO U2F.

Most keys have a button on the side. Insert your key and press the button to set it up.

Your browser may require your permission to use the security key:

Once the setup is successful, the page will advance.

Mobile Devices

The Groove.ID mobile app uses your mobile phone to help you sign in. You can install the it on as many mobile phones as you like. (Refer to the section Setting up Your Mobile Phone for more on the mobile app)

Text Messages

If your administrator allows it, you can receive codes via text messages to sign in. You can provide your phone number and when it’s time to sign in, we’ll text you a code consisting of six letters and numbers. Type the code you receive to sign in.

Text message setup

Voice Calls

If your administrator allows it, you can receive plain old telephone calls to sign in. You can provide your phone number and when it’s time to sign in, we’ll call you with a code consisting of six letters and numbers. Type the code you receive to sign in.

Voice Calls

Reference Video

If you don’t have access to any of the things you’ve set up to sign in, you can use our secure fallback. You record a short video of yourself reading some words that we give you. Then, someone who knows you watches the video and attests that it’s really you.

A reference video is useful if nobody that knows you is around and you still need to sign in. With a reference video someone who doesn’t know you can vouch for you by comparing the reference video you record today with the video you’ll have just recorded.

To record a reference video, your browser may require you to grant permission to use your video camera:

Then you can record a video of the words that appear on the screen:

To record a video:

  1. Press Start.
  2. Say the words that appear on the screen and click Finish.
  3. Check the video to make sure you can be seen and heard clearly.
  4. If you are satisfied, click Finish. Otherwise, click Try Again to re-record the video.

Your Personal Details

The Profile page is where you can make sure that your personal information is correct. Depending on how is set up, some information or no information may already be here.

This will take you to the profile editor where you can upload a picture, set your name, email addresses and phone numbers. When you are finished making changes, be sure to click Save.

If you provide more than one email address, phone number or physical address, you can designate the purpose each one. (e.g. Home, Office, etc.). By clicking the star, you can which of the item you want to be the primary item used.

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