Managing People

To access the people settings, click the profile button from the application catalog and choose People from the menu.

Administrator Console People Menu

Adding People

To add a new user, click Add, type the new person’s email address and click Create.

Adding a Person

You can then direct the person to your sign in URL, e.g., to complete the setup process. Their account will be marked inactive (gray dot) until they set it up. The person will set up their name, contact information, and other details when they activate their account.

Active and Inactive Users

Removing People

When someone leaves the company, you can deactivate their user account. Choose the person you wish to remove and click Delete.

Active and Inactive Users

As soon as you delete a user account, they will no longer be able to sign in to any of your apps. However, if they may retain access to apps they were actively using for a short time. Exactly how this works depends on the application itself.