Getting Started

Creating your Account

To get started, head to

Sign up Now

You will need to enter your work email address, your name and your company name.

Signup Page

Your first account is the administrator account. To make sure you don’t lose access, we want to get it connected to the mobile app.

Setting up Mobile Access

Mobile Page

Install the mobile app for Android or iOS and scan. When the app launches, point the camera at the setup code. Confirm the information that appears on your phone.

Scanning a Setup Code Confirming Mobile Setup Mobile Setup Finished

You can skip setting up the mobile app, but you should set up another way of signing in as quickly as possible. Until you do, you might lose access to your account.

Selecting Applications

The third step is to select each application that you would like to set up. Click the icon of each application you plan to use. You can select as many or as few applications as you like here. You can always add or remove applications later. When you’ve selected all your applications, click “Finish”.

Selecting Applications

The next screen you’ll see is the application dashboard. It shows all your applications. Applications that aren’t set up yet appear grayed out. Click on each application to set it up.


The setup process for each application varies, so you’ll want to consult the documentation page for each one.

Next Steps

  1. You might have noticed that the URL in your browser is pretty ugly. In Company Setup you can configure a custom URL at your domain, like rather than

  2. You might want to try adding additional users.

  3. Our you can get your applications connected.