Company Setup

To access the company settings, click the profile button from the application catalog and choose Company from the menu.

Administrator Console Company Menu

Don't forget to click the Save button to apply your changes. We've all been there.

Setting Up Branding

From this screen you can set the logo and an accent color that correspond to your company. To set a logo, press Choose a new picture and select a logo from your computer. The logo file can be a PNG, JPEG or SVG file. You can also choose an accent color consistent with your brand, either from among the options listed or by entering the hex code for the color you prefer.

Choosing a new Picture

Choosing a new user experience

You have two choices for how new users are created in the system. If the Administrators must sign people up box is selected, then accounts for new employees will be created by administrators, or via synchronization with your HR system or directory.

If the Administrators must sign people up box is not selected, then new employees can create their accounts by simply showing up and creating a new account on demand. They won’t have access to any apps until they are added to groups for those apps.

Choosing a Web Address

When you first created your account, an ugly looking signin URL was created for you, something like Since a URL like that is hard to remember, you might wish to have users sign in via a simpler URL.

To create a new URL, choose Add a Web Address and type the name you’d like to use, for example

Choosing a web address

To make the new web address work, you must set up your company’s DNS so that the name you selected points to’s servers. To do this, create a CNAME record with your DNS provider. Follow your DNS provider’s instructions to create a CNAME record that points to the name given on the screen, something like

Your DNS changes can take over a full day to update and the wait varies among DNS and hosting providers. To confirm that your DNS record is set up correctly, use the dig command:

$ dig +short 300 IN CNAME

Once your DNS is set up, you and your users will be able to use the pretty, new web address to access the application catalog to sign in.

You can have as many signin URLs as you wish. Click the star next to the web address that you want to be the default.

Choosing Email Domains

The email domain for your company was set when you signed up. You can change the email domain, or add additional email domains. will require that new users have and email address in one of the domains you list.

Choosing a new Picture