How to configure Zoom with Groove.id


  1. In your Groove.id console (e.g. https://SIGNIN_URL/setup) navigate to Apps.

  2. Create a new Zoom application.

    Create a new application

    Choose a zoom application

  3. Click Connect to connect Groove.id to Zoom.

    Connect to Zoom

  4. Navigate to the accounts tab to manage accounts.

    Manage zoom accounts

Single Sign On

To set up single sign on with zoom, navigate to the Signin tab.

Click Signin

Provide the name of the Vanity URL you use to sign in to Zoom. Single sign on requires that you have a vanity URL.

Provide vanity URL

Click the button to open the zoom console, and provide the parameters provided.

Connect to Zoom

When you click Save Changes in Zoom, single sign on will be ready.

Managing Zoom accounts

Once your Zoom account is connected, you can navigate to the accounts tab to create, remove and manage Zoom users. Click the switch to enable or disable an account.

To manage an account, click the user, which will show details for the account.


  • From here you can deliver the initial password (Note: this applies only if you are not also using single sign on)

  • You can also manage the type of Zoom account (“Pro” or “basic”).

  • The role tab allows you to assign or revoke the user’s status as a Zoom administrator.

Managing Single Sign On

To use Groove.id to sign in to Zoom, click the Signin tab. Before configuring SSO, you’ll need to have a Zoom vanity URL configured. Enter your vanity URL and press save.

Then follow the instructions given to provide single sign on information to Zoom. Once Zoom is configured, users will be able to sign in to Zoom with Groove.id.

You can either open the Zoom app, go to the zoom website, or click on the Zoom icon in the Groove.id console.

Uninstalling Zoom

You can remove access to manage Zoom with Groove.id with the following steps.

  1. Log in to your Zoom account

  2. If you have enabled single sign on, disable it under My Account > Advanced > Single Sign-On.

  3. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace and click Manage > Installed Apps.

  4. Click the Groove.id app.

  5. Click Uninstall.

  6. Optional: In the Groove.id console, navigate to Apps > Zoom and click Delete. (If you skip this step the Zoom app will be deleted for you automatically after a short time.)

Last modified May 12, 2020: refactor docs (d7a7a5c1d)