Google Drive Folders

How to manage Google drive folder sharing with can manage basic sharing for certain Google Drive folders. If you need more granular permissions, you can set them in the Google Drive console.

Selecting folders to share

To manage folder sharing with, you must first select the folders you wish to control.

  1. Navigate to any active google account. For example, go toApps > G Suite > Accounts and select a user with an active account.

  2. Select Details, locate the Drive Folders panel and press Add folder.

  1. Select the folder you wish to manage.

Enabling and disabling sharing

One you have selected which folders you wish to manage, you can enable and disabling sharing for each folder by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the name of the folder.

Removing a folder from management

You can stop managing a folder by pressing the Gear in the upper right of the Drive Folders panel. You can press the Stop button next to any drive you no longer wish to manage.