Configuring access to Expensify with a service account

You can manage user accounts in Expensify with Groove.id.

Getting started

In the Groove.id console create a new Expensify app.

To configure Expensify, log in to Expensify.

Choose the policy you wish to manage, then People, then Invite.

Enter expensify@auth.groove.id for Email, Policy Admin for Role, and click Invite.

Copy the Policy Joining Link and paste it into the console.

Configure your domain

If you have your domain configured, which is typical, you need to check that your settings are compatible with Groove.id.

Go to Settings > Domains and choose your domain.

Choose Domain Admins and enter expensify@auth.groove.id for Email or Phone and click Add Admin.

Last modified May 12, 2020: refactor docs (d7a7a5c1d)