Setup Apps

To access the apps settings, click the button from the app catalog.


The page is split into two parts Configured Apps which shows that apps are already set up, or that are waiting to be set up. The bottom section, Available Apps shows apps that you can add.


Adding an App

To add an App, click the corresponding icon from Available Apps. You will be take to the setup page for the corresponding. Exactly how you set up an app varies by application, so you should refer to the per-app documentation here or the on-screen instructions.

Similarly, applications under Configured Apps that are greyed out still need to be set up. Click the app to start the setup process.

For example, to set up AWS you’ll see a prompt like this:


Following the directions, we paste the command into a terminal window to execute the setup script.


When the setup completes, the screen updates and shows us the general configuration for the app.


Configuring Access

Click the Manage Access button to manage access to the application. When you create an application a corresponding group is automatically created. Being a member of the group means that you can sign in to the app. Groups work a little differently in, so be sure to check out Managing Access to learn more.

High Value

Some applications are more important to secure that others. For example, the information in your expense report system might be slightly less crucial than the information in your accounting system. For applications that require extra scrutiny and confidence, select High Value.

People trying to use high value applications will receive extra scrutiny and may have to provide extra authentication factors.

You should probably use the _High Value_ setting sparingly because after all, if everything is top priority, nothing is.


Now is a good time to check that you can sign in. Click the Signin button to return to the application catalog. Then click the icon for your app.

After a second or two you will be signed in to the app: