Adding new people

How to add a new person and set up their apps
  1. Navigate to People > New

New person view

  1. Provide the name for the new user.

  2. will guess the primary email address of the user based on the email address scheme you use.

  3. Provide additional optional information, if needed.

  1. Choose which apps you think the new user will need.

  2. Press Save. will start creating apps for you. You’ll see the switches in the Accounts tab change color as user accounts are created.

Delivering invitations

When creates an account in Microsoft 365 or Google, it sets an initial password for them. You can deliver the initial password via text or email to their home email. To deliver the password, click on the details view for the app and choose Deliver Password. will guess the best way to deliver the password. If you prefer to select yourself, click the arrow and choose the delivery method you prefer.

Delivering the password to a new account

Some applications will send invitations to the new work email address themselves when an account is created. Make sure the email account is created first, otherwise the invitations may not arrive.

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